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The non-obstructive design gives birds / enough place to perch and yourself enough space to watch. You do not even need to get distracted of the suctions as it is leveled with the feeder. It’s pure, clear view of the just the birds in action. Aspects 407 Jewel Box is a true gem with its beautiful design specially made for hummingbirds to give you a great show by your window. With its 3 nectar ports, this is perhaps the best window attached bird feeder as it can accommodate three beautiful birds for your enjoyment all at once.

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Window feeders have one side mirror effect that allows the people inside the house to see them very clearly but not get distracted by human movements. What I don’t like about this item is that it has to be installed at an area with woodpeckers or at least similar birds like cardinals that eat suet. You also have to take it off your window when you have to clean and refill it with another suet cake.

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This promises to be a very enjoyable and enlightening time. We also discussed our engagement with the Regional Fishery Management Organisation in our respective regions to determine how the ATF can support the wider RFMO engagement process. The BirdLife Advocacy team works with RFMOs, national associations and fishery companies to provide high-level support and to drive the adoption of seabird conservation measures on a global scale. Recent updates to the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels advice were reviewed and aligned with national regulations.

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Members can also consider and adopt the annual report of the Chief Executive Officer, Mark Anderson, as well as the report of the Treasurer, Manuela Krog, and the audited 2020 financial statements. Also during the AGM, the prestigious Gill Memorial Medal will be awarded to a worthy recipient. If you are willing to assist or you know of a company that may be interested in assisting. One such operator is Birding Ecotours, a BirdLife South Africa-recommended tour operator that will donate 5% of its tour prices to our important conservation work. Its set itineraries, with target specials, are listed below. Proceeds raised from the fair go straight into supporting BirdLife South Africa’s important conservation work.

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It is administered through their food, so no stressful captures or injections are necessary, and it will help to maintain a healthy reintroduction population that we hope will produce new – and healthy – chicks for future reintroductions. Andrew de Blocq with community bird guides in Dlinza Forest. BBD allows birders to decide how seriously they want to take this challenge.

It’s absolutely incredible to see our backyard birds up close. If I move slowly, I can easily get right next to the window to see their beautiful plumage, unique beaks, or even the color of their eyes. The flat but roofed bird feeder allows you to see more birds. This is great for large and non-obstructive windows. If you have a small window area, perhaps, the tube feeder type is a good option. Window feeders are popular because of the accessibility of the seeds to almost all types of birds.

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The IBA Programme continued to take the lead in securing and managing key sites and habitats for birds. This brings the total area in IBAs protected by these three sites to more than ha. Was the largest congregation of birders ever to have been seen in the southern hemisphere, while in September The African Bird Fair brought together several thousand birding enthusiasts during the weekend event. Teachers reported that this was an excellent way to introduce children to the Spring Alive message. Thanks to 30 Days of Spring, children across South Africa have gained a better understanding of the birds they see around them and they are now aware that some of the species they encounter are on just one step of an amazing round-the-world journey. The biggest challenge facing the conservation of this species is the need to protect the forest habitat on which it relies so heavily.